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Driving to work, dropping of the kids, or running errands; you’re at risk every time you’re on the road. An accident can create some hefty financial responsibilities if you don’t have the right coverage, no matter who is at fault. It’s important to understand what your coverage options are, not just for your car, but for you and others who may be injured.

  • Collision - Collision insurance covers your car or truck when it's in an accident with another vehicle. It also covers you when you hit an object like a tree or a pole that’s not covered under comprehensive insurance.
  • Liability - Liability insurance helps protect drivers when they’re responsible for an accident that injures other people or damages other people’s property. Drivers are required to have this coverage in nearly every state.
  • Comprehensive - When life throws you a curveball, comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle that’s not caused by a collision, such as fire, theft or when you hit a deer or a rock cracks your windshield.

Here are just a few extras and optional coverage that is available with every Agency Insurance auto policy.

  • Personal Item Coverage
  • New Car Protection
  • Better Car Protection
  • Rental Car Expenses
  • Windshield Repair
  • Road Service
  • Locksmith Services
  • And More


Have a collector car stowed away? Like camping with your RV or hitting the trails with your ATV or Snowmobile? You’ll need insurance coverage for whatever your hobby.


Classic and Collector Car Insurance

Add your antique cars or special interest vehicles onto the same policy as your every day cars. Having one policy streamlines the paperwork and billing for you, freeing up your time, so you can get back to your car.


Recreational Camping Vehicle Insurance

We can help you protect your RV or camper too. When your travel trailer or towable camper is on an Advantage auto insurance policy, you can be covered for physical damage while it’s parked at a campsite and for liability damage while it’s being towed behind to your insured vehicle.

You can also insure motorized RVs or motor coaches for the same coverage as your auto insurance policy. Ask us for details to make sure you get the coverage you need.


ATV Insurance, Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

ATV’s and other off-road vehicles can be a lot of fun, but you need to play it safe by having proper insurance coverage. Agency Insurance offers auto customers insurance coverage for ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), snowmobiles, off-road motorcycles and more.

ATV insurance (and other miscellaneous vehicle coverage) can help cover:

  • Physical damage to your vehicle, including collision, vandalism and theft.
  • Property damage liability (if another person’s property is damaged and you’re responsible for it)
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorists

Check with us to learn more and get a quote.


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